Editor in Chief/Person in Charge: R. Yakub Djumadil

Editor : Dedy Djunaidi,  A. Achmad Yono, Rizkyansah Y

Reporter : Arby Ahmad, Iksan Kakiet, H. Kamarudin, Imran Husen, Bismar Iwan, Yahyudin Miraj, M. Ahmad, Risno Abdullah, Supanji S. Saban.

Graphic & Video : Masri Achamd

Research and Development (R&D): Achmad AL-Afghani

Editorial Secretary : Nurlaila Karim

Social Media : Yuliana Mustari, Sahril M Ade

Publisher : PT. Zona Media Corporat

Telephone : 0921 – 3164839

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